Jignesh Shah, a man who was ahead of his time took the opportunity to neutralise the threats in the banking and regulatory system in terms of compliance and risk reporting by ushering risk solutions.

Risk SolutionsThe Risk Solution division of 63 moons provides highly secure software applications which are categorically designed as Risk Management System to the Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector in the area of Information Management and Regulatory Capital Computation for all types of risks and compliance reporting.

Risk Solutions Product Suite:


Online Data Collection

Data collector, DataCollector, Risk Solutions

This is a web-based application software that would help Regulators in efficient collection of information from downstream regulated entities. It is an Integrated Solution enabling Creation of Dynamic Forms for quick & online Collection, Validation & Submission of Data with complete control on process flow. The software enables users to generate desired Reports and MIS. This software will enable the user to take informed and timely decisions.

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Integrated Risk Management

Riskalculator, Risk Calculator, Risk Solutions

This is a web-based Risk Management application which comprises modules such as ADF, Market Risk, Operational Risk, ALM and Credit Risk. It is a successfully integrated solution with different core banking systems like TCS BaNCS, Finnacle, Lasersoft, Mysis and Gbase.

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