The Product

Riskalculator is an integrated, flexible, modular Basel II and Basel III Regulatory Capital calculator. It operates on a single platform with a single underlying data model, insulated from a bank's information architecture. It adopts a lightly normalised but subject-oriented data modeling approach to create a 360 degree view of bank's risk profile. It creates risk regulatory reports as per national regulator's format. There are also various MIS reports based on risk computations. Apart from having a regulatory capital computation engine, Riskalculator has modules for ALM and other regulatory compliance reporting engine.

The Challenge

Banks are looking for an Integrated Basel II / Basel III solution that directly interfaces with transactional databases and generates Basel II Regulatory and MIS Reports seamlessly. The challenge that a Bank faces in implementing a Basel II and Basel III solution is data. The credit data may be available in the Core Banking System (CBS), treasury data may be available in the Treasury system and the data on collateral may again be on another system. But calculation of Regulatory Capital requires integration of all the data to generate various Regulatory and MIS reports for Regulatory Authorities and for Management.


Riskalculator accepts Data from Core banking and other applications which a bank can put into a designated area, called staging area, from where our application picks up data without any manual intervention in a batch mode. We have a fixed data format through which a bank generates data from its CBS and provides the same to the application in different ways like database views, text files etc. The application allows a bank to meet all the standards prescribed in the Basel II (including Pillar 1, Pillar 2 and Pillar 3) and Basel III accords.


Integrated Basel II and III Solution

That supports complete Pillar 1 & Pillar 2 calculations and Pillar 3 reporting

Web Based Solution

For centralised hosting and easy access to all users

Audit Trail

For complete Regulatory and Management review

Data Enrichment

A dashboard like user interface that allows users to provide data items that are missing from bank's production systems with maker-checker facility

Staging Area for Data Transformation and Loading

The system accepts data from Core Banking System and any other banking application directly through a generic format but customised to handle bank-specific data definitions

Risk Dashboard and Reporting

With in-built Regulatory and Management Reports in graphical formats with drill down facility to provide a macro view that can be customised as per client requirements

Access Control

To provide access to modules depending on the authorisation granted to each user

Modular and parametric

To easily accommodate the Regulatory and Business Environment changes


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